implants-vs-dentures-02-2Several years ago we received a set of dentures as part of a donation. Through the years we have received some really interesting things but that one was the most memorable for me. In fact I kept the teeth on my desk for awhile – in their Polident case — as I thought of ways to tell people we didn’t need such “gifts.”

Because we receive too many things like this and additionally we cannot keep up with the clothes that come in, we are not accepting most donations for awhile.

We are only accepting food, paper products, and personal care/hygiene items. We plan to maintain an emergency clothes closet and will develop that for the women and children who come with nothing.

There are many worthy organizations that are set up to receive donations. Among the places you might want to consider are:

  • The Salvation Army (they have trucks in parking lots at multiple locations for easy drop off in addition to their main facility at 710 S. Parallel Ave in Fresno)
  • Neighborhood Thrift Store (353 E. Olive, Fresno)
  • Catholic Charities (149 N. Fulton)

There are excellent places such as Fresno Rescue Mission and Marjaree Mason Center, but they might not be able to take donations “at the door.”

Thanks for understanding and spreading the word. Again we can always use food, personal care/hygiene items.

Author: Gabriella Williams

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