Enjoy the following blog by our director of Evangel Home, Gerre Brenneman:
Nadine-1One of the things I am blessed with at Evangel Home is the opportunity to meet people like Nadine. She is not homeless, doesn’t live far from us, and says she enjoys looking for treasures. Today one of her treasures is this set of reindeer antlers that we had discarded. We try to leave things by our dumpsters that can be used, and we give food and water when we can. And you just never know when someone might be given a little boost by finding antlers in September.
We try to be a light in the alley as well as in the home, and through the years have come to know people like Nadine, Moses, Danny, Famous, Betty, Anthi, Mary, John Doe, and the list goes on. These were all people we were able to serve through the back door. They were not all pleasant nor easy to be with, but as long as they weren’t dangerous we tried to help.
Anthi and Mary eventually DID come through the front door! When Mary was still “treasure hunting” I gave her some candy, and that turned out to be an invitation to come into the home. Eventually she did, and after years of trying, of being in other places as well, she is a rock solid Christian woman, with a job and supportive family.
Anthi’s life is a tough one, yet she does as well as she can and found a turning point here in 1990. She used to barter for things and one day traded this old copy, “Of the Imitation of Christ” for some sandwiches. I never forgot that moment because she was waving the book at the front windows during chapel. When I went out to see who was causing the disturbance it was Anthi and her book. I asked her to sign Anthiit, and the only question she asked was, “What year is it?”
Anthi later told me she chose the book for us because we could sell it for “lots” of money if we ever got in trouble. The book stays on my desk as a reminder of what it means to imitate Christ, and I’m very thankful we’ve never needed to sell the book.

Blessed beyond measure,

Gerre Brenneman

Author: Gabriella Williams

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