Dreams Do Come True! (An Evangel Home Story)

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Ros and Patty

Ros and Patty

Enjoy this Evangel Home story written by our very own Gerre Brenneman.

Twenty-seven years ago a woman named Patty came to Evangel Home looking for a way out of alcoholism.

Fourteen years ago a woman named Roslyn came to Evangel Home looking for a way out of prison.

Recently these two powerful women of God celebrated because now they can BOTH go into jails — to visit women who want the kind of support Evangel Home offers. Their lives have been meeting at God intersections now for quite awhile.

Back up a few years to 2000 when Ros came to the GARDEN program. Patty interviewed her in April and picked her up in October.  She came from jail after a life time of drugs and prostitution. But something had changed in Ros and she wanted freedom from this life. She waited in jail so long for a program that her TIME was up by the time we PICKED her up. Yet she still came because she had grasped what it means to have freedom through Jesus Christ, and she was not going to let go.

Patty, now our Program Manager, had by that time been on staff for 14 years. She supervised and taught Roslyn as a resident. Ros graduated in 2001 and was hired on staff in 2008. Now Patty mentors and encourages her as her as a staff peer.

The Moment We Got The News

The Moment We Got The News

Patty and two other staff members are qualified to enter the Fresno Co Jail to interview potential GARDEN program residents. We wanted Ros to have that same ability and encouraged her to apply for her credentials. Ros had difficulty getting approved, was faced with a few more disappointments, and continued to feel the way she had so many times before — diminished by all of those denials and rejections. She figured her request for jail approval would be denied, and she said “I went to the mail box every day expecting another ‘I’m sorry, but . . . ‘ letter.”

This time was different — she was approved. However, there was no letter. Instead there was a call from County officials to Patty to tell Ros she has now been approved to interview with other members of our staff.

Once again it was Patty waiting at the intersection for Roslyn.


Author: Gerre Brenneman

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  1. Zona Larson Posted on May 7, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    Just one more reason I feel blessed to be an advocate for this Home.

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