An Evangel Home Reunion

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Full CircleIt was a very special moment this past February when, Judy Henirichs, one of the women who started our Heart Sister’s Tradition, stopped by for a visit. – and to bring Valentine gifts and treasures. Those “treasures” included Judy’s daughter Crystal and Crystal’s husband and infant daughter.

Judy came to EH on Christmas Eve,1985. She was pregnant, homeless and directionless. She soon gave birth to Crystal and later entered our CrossRoads program. December soon became February, and Judy asked the program manager, Nera Adams, if residents could choose “secret sisters” and do something special as Valentine’s Day approached.

Here’s how Judy describes this unique week: “It is a time when we are encouraged, lifted up in a way that allows us to face life’s challenges with a brighter smile, with a more positive attitude. Heart Sisters is a special time just for that! It’s a time when we can secretly give a chosen person little token gifts and words to show them just how much God truly loves them. Everyone needs encouragement and this is such a time for us.”

In between a few special events, there is a lot of sneaking around and dropping off surprise gifts and goodies. It is a week of celebrating friendship and of rejoicing in God’s love.

There is one more little piece of this Valentine story. Another very special woman participated in that first Heart Sisters’ Week — Patty Jennings, our Program Manager and now the one who organizes Heart Sisters’ Week. Patty is pictured here holding Crystal’s daughter, Keren.

Picture: Patty and Keren, Gerre (our director), Judy, Crystal.

Author: Gerre Brenneman

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