Since 1955 Evangel Home has been a place of refuge and compassion for women and children of all different backgrounds going through crisis — truly a shelter from the storm. What we do would not be possible without you, our supporters, who give faithfully to the Home God has built. Because of your gifts, thousands of women and children have had a second chance at life. You have helped us bring hope to them; to restore a neighborhood that was left to decay; and ultimately to help bring life to a part of our City that others might write off. For that, we say “thank you” and will continue to remain grateful.

The Home Team

Our team of donors is growing and is being molded into a special team of “game-changers”. Therefore, we are now calling them what they deserve to be called: “The Home Team”. Though this team may not be able to be the hands and feet of what we do, it is nonetheless a team that brings life to the ministry and to our women and children These team members have a stake in the change and an investment in the life of the Home through financial gifts. It is the team that breathes life into our motto:

Christ Leads, People Care, Lives Change

No matter who you are or what you do, you can be a part of this community of givers. Do you desire to change the lives of women and children who are in crisis and desperately need hope? We encourage you to consider joining “Home Team”.






Helps with feeding women and children



Helps with training women and children



Helps with housing women and children



Other Payment Options

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Christ Leads † People Care † Lives Change

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