January is the month of Ice Cream!

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amperstandstaffDo you like ice cream? I hope so because you have a great opportunity to enjoy some of the best in town and at the same time help Evangel Home.

Ampersand Ice Cream owners, Jeff and Amelia Bennett, opened their shop in the spring of 2015 and have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They love Fresno and admire some of the non-profits who work tirelessly to “make Fresno, and our world, a better place to live and thrive.”

Now they want to “cash” in on that success by helping others in 2018. Their vision is to donate two percent of all cash sales to a different nonprofit each month.

This is how they are introducing the opportunity: We are honored to introduce our first non-profit of the year, Evangel Home! This amazing Fresno organization has been serving homeless women and young children for over 60 years. Their iconic pink door welcomes women in crisis into a world of hope. We are thrilled to be featuring this life-changing women’s shelter as our first ever recipient!”

We are excited to be the first of the groups Jeff and Amelia are supporting in this way. Their enthusiasm is contagious and we hope you will join with Ampersand and Evangel Home to launch the 2% CASH program.

You might want to check out their website at www.ampersandicecream.com/community for more information. We will be posting information on our website, www.evangelhome.org, and Facebook page, @EvangelHomeFresno, throughout the month.

I’m encouraging Jeff and Amelia to name one of their ice creams after Evangel Home. It would no doubt be pink.

Serving Him Together,


Gerre Brenneman

Executive Director




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