Mr. Swindoll spoke on this topic at the Fresno – Clovis Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 23, 2016. His nuggets of wisdom spoke to our hearts and to our ministry. Gerre Brenneman (Executive Director) and Emily Dull (Office Manager) will be highlighting a few of these wise lessons and sharing how they are seen at Evangel Home. Please enjoy this first message from our director, Gerre – 


The first lesson Mr. Swindoll imparted was one we all know and agree with, but don’t always put into practice: “Tell people how you feel about them now. Later may never come.”

At Evangel Home, we know the importance of a kind word or an encouraging pat on the back.  One of the most powerful examples of this lesson came to me many years ago and involved a 9-year-old boy named Daniel. He needed some new shoes, and I shared this on our weekly radio show. Sure enough, someone purchased a new pair of shoes, in the correct size, and mailed them to us. What a sweet way to show God’s love and what a powerful way to show someone you care.

I will never forget giving these shoes to Daniel, telling him how much someone cared about him, and then handing him the box. He didn’t thank me at first, nor did he rush to put on his shoes. He simply said, “You remembered my name.”

It really wasn’t about the shoes. It was the wonderful life-giving realization that people cared about him.

Remembering the name of each woman and child who comes to us is a very significant way to show we care.  I will never forget the little boy who taught me that lesson.





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Author: Gabriella Williams

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