The “Swindoll List”

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charlesOne of the Fresno/Clovis area premier events is the Annual Prayer Breakfast. Charles Swindoll was this year’s keynote speaker, and he was powerful and practical humble and humorous. This 81-year old dynamo has “devoted his life to the accurate, practical teaching of God’s word and His grace.” He had 1500 people hanging on every word for  an hour, and we could have listened for another hour.

He shared things he has learned in his life, and we would like to share a few of his lessons with you in the next several weeks. Our office manager, Emily Dull, and l were among the guests and from Mr. Swindoll’s list of 15 life lessons we found several especially helpful to the Evangel Home ministry.

Today we will share the list, and in the next several weeks we will share a few personal observations about those that are closest to the heart of the Home. Here is the list of revelations Mr. Swindoll shared; we call them the “Swindoll List” –

  1. Tell people how you feel about them now, not later. Later may never come.
  2. You don’t know what people notice when you aren’t looking.
  3. Being real is best. Who you are is what really counts, Know who you are. Accept who you are. Spend the rest of your life being who you are.
  4. When things fit, things flow and unfold.
  5. Don’t try to talk someone into or out of a big decision.
  6. Days of maintenance are far more common than days of magnificence.
  7. Some people are not going to change.
  8. You won’t feel sorry for things you did not say.
  9. It’s your job to love those close to you. It’s God’s job to make them good.
  10. Perception overshadows reality.
  11. Time spent with family is always a great investment.
  12. Grace is always worth the risk. It will never backfire.
  13. Some things are worth the sweat.
  14. Give credit where credit is due.
  15. You can’t beat having fun.

Keep an eye out for our explanation of each one in the next coming days.

Author: Gabriella Williams

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