The Woman (and team) Behind Grad Makeovers

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2014012395180909Carrie Rowell has been serving the ladies of Evangel Home for 2 years in a very special way. Carrie doesn’t bring food or donations, she gives of her time and talents to make the true beauty inside of our women reflect with their outward appearances! Each EH graduate is treated to a professional hairstyle, their makeup done, AND a shopping day to pick out an outfit for graduation, This lovely lady is accompanied by a skilled team with giving heats: Gladys, Karen, and Jenny.

Gladys, who is a MaryKay Director, was a HUGE answer to prayer when Carrie and Karen started the graduate makeovers and they needed a makeup artist! She has a love of beauty and a deep desire to help each woman who graduates feel beautiful and confident all the time and especially on their graduation day. Karen is .  Jenny is the owner of J’s Salon and is an amazing hair stylist. She has compassion for and a special connection with the Evangel Home graduates.  Carrie

20140123_183022Carrie and her army of beautifiers visit EH whenever graduation time comes near. Carrie said “I love women and have this overwhelming compassion for those who feel self-conscious due to their lack of nice clothing, a good haircut and help with applying makeup.

We wanted to take a second and thank Carrie, Gladys, Karen, and Jenny for all that they do for our ladies. EH is based on tradition and this one brings moments and acts of kindness that our ladies will never forget.

Love always,

The EH Family

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