The Baton: Passing it Off at the Right Time

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Enjoy this update from the amazing director of Evangel Home, Gerre Brenneman. Though we have missed her much during her beak from the ministry due to back surgery, we are so excited to receive an update on her behalf! Once again, enjoy! 

1521464_10151765864355064_631322666_nIt is crucial in a ministry like Evangel Home to communicate effectively and for the
Home to run smoothly no matter who has to step up or step over to complete a job.
So much goes on around here – both expected and unexpected – that it is sometimes hard to focus on what is really most important: ministering to our women with grace and doing it in a way that represents Christ.

I knew that I was going to have major back surgery in May, and so we began to
prepare for that time when each staff member would have to step up or over. It was
like running a relay race, so I gave each woman an 11” colorful aluminum baton –
the kind runners use in track and field in a relay race.

My thought was not so much about passing the baton but learning how to pass and
receive it. Runners in a relay race can practice individually, but none of it matters if
they don’t know how to pass and receive the baton. If they drop the baton, even the
fastest team in the world loses. If they don’t pass in the zone, they are disqualified —
it’s all about the baton. If the handoff isn’t right, none of the rest matters.

That was the message I wanted each staff member to “practice” as we prepared for
my two-month absence. Don’t let side issues become important – we all began to
say, “It’s about the baton.” Define what the goal or the issue is and focus on how
Christ will carry us to the finish line.

I will return to work in July with a much better back and a baton on my desk to
remind me what’s important. Staff has done an excellent job of staying focused on
the baton. Many of you have prayed for my recovery and for the Home. Thank you so much for that. Without even knowing it, you have helped with that baton.

It’s kind of an unusual way to measure success, but during this time I have hoped
that few outside of Evangel Home would know I was gone. I think we achieved that
goal, and it is a sign of staff strength that everything moved right along. We had four
graduations, continued renovation of apartments, received new mattresses, and
started re-landscaping the front of the Home. All of these things were already in
place when I left – that was the practice. The handoff came when each one was done.

Thank you for helping us with those handoffs.

Serving Him Together,

Gerre Brenneman
Executive Director

Author: Gabriella Williams

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  1. Miss Rhonda Posted on August 14, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to stop by tomorrow for a visit to the children. Many blessings

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