This Is How I Know God

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Enjoy this amazing story from our Executive Director, Gerre Brenneman. It’s a beautiful story of God’s great love and will serve to inspire you.

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Can you tell others how God works in your life? I sometimes challenge myself to be able to do this – especially to people who think I’m speaking a foreign language when I speak about the difference Christ makes in my life. He seems to knit threads together in patterns that absolutely amaze me when I finally have all of the pieces.

He gave me a powerful message recently that involved prayer, church, decades of ministry and 3 women. The mayor of Fresno schedules quarterly prayer events at different churches and recently my church, First Presbyterian, was blessed to be the host. Other churches with a variety of worship styles were there, and it was a really incredible evening.

I was asked to offer a prayer for women and children in our city, and of course I included the kinds of situations that so many Evangel Home women are in. I also prayed about the Home’s decades of ministry to women and the need to continue.

At the end of the evening I was preparing to leave when a woman came up to me and simply looked in my eyes for a minute. I said, “Ruby?” This was a beautiful woman who graduated from CrossRoads in 1989, struggled to make it, and at one point after leaving us had tattoos put on her neck. The woman now holding my eye had no more tattoos. And she had come with her church to pray.

As we were hugging, a young woman suddenly appeared wanting to greet me. She left Evangel Home a few weeks ago without finishing her program. But on this night she had come with her church to pray.

Now there were three of us hugging and another woman, with 4 children clinging to her, came up to my side. “MiLinda!” How are you? She graduated in 2008. Now she had come with her church to pray.

This is how I know God.

Serving Him Together,

Gerre Brenneman
Executive Director

Author: Gabriella Williams

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  1. Delaine Zody Posted on February 7, 2014 at 1:49 am

    The faithfulness and perseverance of Evangel Home, its staff, and its supporters, shows us the way God works.

    • Gabriella Williams Posted on February 11, 2014 at 9:14 pm

      Thanks for your support Delaine!

  2. Gabriella Williams Posted on February 11, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    Yes, you may as long as proper credit is given. Thank you!

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