We Need Your Help

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We need your help!


This is an unusual request but we cannot accept any more clothing or shoes until the first week of November.  Sometimes we are overwhelmed with items we cannot use and we are now in super clean up mode as we prepare for cooler weather and the holidays.


Some of the things that came in recently were burned books, men’s clothing, shoes with unattached soles, and one crutch. Staff tries to turn away such items, but sometimes they come in bags that don’t get opened until they are already in the donation area. We think that left-over yard sale items are often the culprit.


This can be a sensitive thing to discuss because we depend on your kindness and generosity to help our women and children. They, as we, are thankful for donations that make them feel better about themselves. Thanks so much for what you give – and what you don’t give.

Author: Gabriella Williams

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