What People Notice (Swindoll List #3)

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#3. You don’t know what people notice when you aren’t looking
One of our graduates once gave us a compliment and a caution at the same time.  We had no idea how much she was really watching us until shortly after her graduation when she said how hard it was to be the woman she wanted to be when she was on the streets. We became models for what she described as  “ the lady I always wanted to be.”
Rey was talking about physical appearance, but her words are powerful because they are true in all aspects of our lives as Christ followers. Our actions  speak much louder than our words. What do others see that they would like to copy or what might they see that turns them away from us or Jesus?
Rey said, “I see how they are, and how I want to be. So for the ones I wanted to be like, I picked one or two things to copy.  I never had short hair, but I saw the way Gerre wore hers and I said, ‘Wow, it looks alright. So I cut my hair.’”
“I like the way Cindy sings, so I try to teach myself to sing like her.”
“From all these people here, I see myself becoming a pretty woman – a pretty godly woman.”
We don’t know what they notice, but we know for sure that they see more than we can imagine.
Lord guide us in your ways and let our light shine before others in such a way that they may see our good works and glorify you. (from Matthew 5:16)
Author: Gerre Brenneman

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